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Processing Tea by Hand vs. Machine

Tea is the second most frequently drunk beverage on the planet, right after water. But unlike water, there is quite a variety based on where the tea plants are grown, when the leaves are harvested, what tea plant varietal they are from, and so on. A big part of the difference (and some say the most important) is how the leaves are processed. Meeting world-wide demand has meant the introduction of machines (in the 1870s according to some tea manufacturers) into this part of things, but a number of hand-processed teas are readily available, symbolizing a push back to better quality for those whose appreciation of the superior flavors and aromas is growing. Continue reading

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The Rise of “Clonal” Teas

Having several “clonal” teas in stock in our online store and having just added another, we thought it was time for a good look at what they are and how they are gaining in number among the teas carried by us and others. Continue reading

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