Gaiwans vs. Teapots — Five Points of Comparison

sowbread_flower_yellow_glaze_porcelain_gaiwan_180cc_a1__86057-1418156704-1280-1280In chatting online with various tea lovers, we come across some very strong views on topics related to tea. A recent one was the relative benefits of infusing teas in a gaiwan or a teapot. It’s a topic that has come up through the years, and one that will no doubt continue to come up for many years ahead. However, to aid in that discussion, we wanted to present five points of comparison between gaiwans and teapots. Continue reading

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Pre-Qing Ming Tea Time Is Near!

Wild Green Tea #3 - click to see detailsThe fever has kicked in – the irresistible desire for those fresh white and green teas that will be coming soon. Yes, pre-Qing Ming Tea Time is here, although they will probably not appear on the market until the April – May timeframe. And we are salivating at the very thought. Time to see what’s so special about these teas. Continue reading

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Giving Thanks to the Tea Growers


Doke garden posted by them 20151113

Doke Tea Estate, Bihar, India

As a tea vendor and avid tea drinker, I like to join my wife, Janice, at this time of year to say thanks to all the hard-working tea growers out there. As much as we are working hard to earn your business, we work equally hard to make sure we deal fairly with these dedicated growers and offer you their best. All things in life are connected.


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