2001 Yiwu Zhengshan Old Tree Pu-erh

Description from the Puerh Shop:

“This is a lightly aged authentic CNNP (China National Native Produce and Animal By-products Imp. And Exp. Corp., Yunnan Branch) product. The liquor has started to show a beautiful reddish amber color and quite pleasing to the eye, not cloudy or hazy but truly nice. The taste was woody and floral, smooth and lasting, with a silky finish.
– Pu-erh Tea Cake 357g/12.6 ounces
– Unfermented or raw
– Vintage 2001
– Premium class
– Loose tea leaves
– Caffeine: Moderate”

The dry leaves of this tea are large and appear to be premium in quality. When steeped, they open and turn a beautiful green. The aroma of the tea is very pleasant and earthy but otherwise unremarkable.
The tea has a nice light yellow-orange color with good clarity.
The tea has some nice body but I fail to discern any particular fruity notes when rolled across the tongue. The very slightly bitter start is complemented by mildly sweet finish.

I realize 7 years is not much aging for a green pu-erh but I was expecting a little more from this tea. Perhaps it was my unsophisticated palate but I did not get any more out of this tea than I did from a recent tasting of a 2008 pu-erh. It was still good tea but I did not get any wow factor from the tasting session.

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