2008 Dayi 0622 Pu-erh Tea Cake

This tea cake is produced by Menghai Tea factory, a flag ship Pu-erh tea manufacturer. It is a combination of the most successful 92 square brick and 7532 formula blend green Pu-erh cake on the marketplace that have huge followings. It is said that you could not go wrong with Dayi brand. The infusion yields a strong liquor that is slightly bitter but finishes with a sweet aftertaste. This cake has been identified as the production batch 801.

This is a raw pu-erh sample that appears to have premium leaves with not too much stem content. The liquor is a beautiful orange and has good clarity. For a 2008 vintage pu-erh, this tea has very little bitterness and has a nice sweet finish. I must admit that I am enjoying this somewhat more than the 2001 vintage tea that I sampled yesterday. The infusion has more body and the finish is more complex although I am hard pressed to precisely describe the complexity. Perhaps, I will gain more insight in later infusions.

In successive infusions, the body has become even more mellow. There is no hint of bitterness just a very pleasant palate cleansing feel. There seems to be a very silky finish with hints of honey and cinnamon.

While I am not very experienced, this would appear to be a great to store for the long haul as well as enjoy. I believe that I will definitely purchase a larger quantity than my current sample size.

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