Spring 2012 White Bud Loose Pu-erh Tea

Got a sample in today of Pu-erh white bud loose tea. Dry tea buds had a beautiful flower-like scent. They appeared white due to the fact that they were buds and hair of the leaf (which are most prominent during the bud stage) cast a white hue. When the tea is infused, the flowery aroma becomes even more prominent. During the infusion, the tea hairs are now wet and the green appearance of the leaf is now visible. Each of the buds are about 1/2 inch long. The flavor of the tea liquor is wonderfully light and refreshing. The flavor profile is very balanced with a very light astringency that quickly turns sweet as the tea covers the tongue.
I will continue to sample this tea but i think that this may become an addition to the pu-erh inventory in the store.

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1 Response to Spring 2012 White Bud Loose Pu-erh Tea

  1. Dan Jones says:

    a white pu-reh. Sounds interesting I'll have to look for it. Thanks for sharing!


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