14 Year-old Royal Pu-erh

Well, this one also seems to be a raw pu-erh although it is not identified as such.  It is so finely chopped that it does not even resemble pu-erh.  Looks more like something you would get out of the bottom of the bag where pu-erh had been stored.  Having said that, it brews up a surprisingly tasty cup of tea.  Color is deep and clear.  Mouthfeel is very nice.  No astringency as you would expect.  So, my only problem with the tea is that the dry leaf material is just downright ugly.  Would have sworn that it was not even pu-erh before tasting it.
Probably not destined to in the lineup for the online store.

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  1. The European study showed that those who drank the tea lost more than those who dieted without the tea and they came to the conclusion that the antioxidants in the tea caused an increase in fat oxidation.


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