Pu-erh in a More Convenient Form

Pu-erh teas (also called pu-er, puer, pu’erh, and pu’er) are often sold in cakes ranging in size from 350-500 grams (12-18 ounces). Unless you are a diehard pu-erh drinker and consume some daily, you may be intimidated by those cakes and the displays of cake stacks. For you, such cakes wouldn’t be very convenient, even though that pu-erh can be stored for years. So, offering these teas in a more convenient form is a sensible choice for any tea vendor.

2005 Xiaguan Bao Yan Tibetan Flame Raw Pu-erh Brick

One of the best alternatives that we as a vendor of premium Chinese teas are now using is to take the ready cakes, break them apart, and package the loose tea (maocha) in smaller containers. They average about 113-200 grams (4-7 ounces) by net weight, which tends to be more manageable for those who drink pu-erh on a less than daily basis. At a recommended 6.5 grams per 125 milliliters of water, and 4, 5, or even 6 infusions possible from those same leaves, that means a 113-gram package could last 17 such sessions of multiple infusions. If you only drink pu-erh once a week, that would last you 4 months.

Other small sizes are tuo chas at about 100 grams each, such as 2003 Xiaguan “Xiao Fa” Ripe Pu-erh tea tuo cha and 2009 Menghai Hong Yun Ripe Pu-erh -100 grams. There are also bricks that come in various sizes, such as 2005 Xiaguan Bao Yan Tibetan Flame Raw Pu-erh Brick. A 250-gram brick will produce about 38 infusion sessions (using the same amount of 6.5 grams per 125 ml of water specified above).

Another option is the pu-erh sample set where each tea is offered in a quantity as small as 15 grams per tea with 6 or 7 teas per set (90-105 grams total). You can try out several versions of pu-erh and see which best suits your particular taste.

Of course, if you still want to purchase a full cake, try my method for loosening it without affecting the flavor. You can store the part you don’t want to use right away.

Check out our selection of pu-erh teas in a variety of forms.

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