3 Reasons to Weigh and Measure Out Your Tea Leaves Before Steeping

In an age of instant this and microwaveable that, weighing and measuring your tea leaves before steeping can seem like more fuss and bother than it’s worth.

But I can give you three reasons to the contrary:

  1. Precision — Tea steeping isn’t rocket science, but the precision of your methods (or lack thereof) can vary the results. Instead of a buttery feel to that 2011 High-roasted Anxi Tie Guan Yin, you could end up with a thin, watery, and mostly flavorless brew, for example.
  2. Consistency — The more precise your methods, the more consistent your results. You were able to achieve the right level of ripe, fruity taste in that Oriental Beauty Tea (Formosa Oolong Tea) – Select Premium Grade the last time you steeped it and want that experience again.
  3. Maximization — Precision and consistency in your methods leads to maximization of your dry tea. You bought a half pound (one quarter kilo or 227 grams) of Keemun black tea. Using four teaspoons to make a 4-cup pot of tea means you get a maximum of twelve 4-cup potfuls out of that bag. Measuring assures you get that maximum amount from the tea you bought.

So, next time you think you don’t have the time to weigh and or measure out your tea leaves for steeping, keep these simple thoughts in mind. They’ll help you get the most out of your tea purchase!

About Janice and Stephen Shelton

Purveyors of Premium Teas
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