How to Make the Most of a Tea Sale

The season for giving gifts, especially gift of tea, is here and so are the sales, including tea sales. So how do you make the most of this and get a great deal? Careful choices are needed.

Option 1 — Go for that special tea that you couldn’t afford but now can

Let’s face it, some teas can be downright expensive. That price makes sense, though, when you factor in the labor to harvest and process them and then the cost to get them to the tea vendor. Plus, some of these teas have relatively short shelf-lives and are also produced in limited quantities. Even so, it can be a stretch to purchase even a small amount. Take advantage, then, of the two-for-one or the percentage off sale here. Order some to enjoy now and save for later (you can extend shelf life on some teas by keeping them in airtight containers in either the refrigerator or freezer).

Option 2 — Stock up on your favorites

Many folks like Dian Hong, others go for some Chun Mee, and many others go for a nondescript black tea (usually a blend of teas bought at tea auctions). Whatever your preference, now is the time to buy some extra, especially if it’s a tea that you can store for awhile.

Option 3 — Go exploring by ordering some teas you’ve always wanted to try

This doesn’t have to be a rare or expensive tea. It could just be one you’ve heard about and thought “Some day when there’s a sale, I’ll get some of that.” Well, don’t miss this opportunity, then. In fact, go with sample sizes (most tea vendors offer these) and try several new teas. It’s always fun to do a bit of exploring through the world of tea!

Option 4 — Buy those special teawares you’ve always wanted

Teawares can definitely make a difference in how your teas taste. Teas that can undergo multiple steepings are best steeped in a Yixing teapot, a gaiwan, a kyusu, or similar vessel. Use that tea vendor sale to get one of these vessels. Or, if you already have them, how about buying a tea table? And sipping cups are never too numerous.

Option 5 — Give a tea gift, of course!

We all know that at this time of year, while shopping for gifts for loved ones, we end up getting one or two items for ourselves. It’s only natural. But don’t forget to buy some gifts! And a tea sale is the perfect opportunity. You can put together a combo of a teapot and a special tea, a gaiwan and a small package of pu-erh tuo chas, a glass teapot and some blooming teas or some Silver Needle (watching those fat buds unfold is a real delight).

Time to get shopping!

Don’t miss out. There’s still time to make the most of a tea sale! (Pssst! Our sale is good through January 1st, 2013, so if you don’t get that tea gift you want on Christmas morning, you can order one yourself from our site.)

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