Book Review: “The China Tea Book” by Luo Jialin

There is a real bounty of books out there about tea. The increasing popularity of this beverage that has been enjoyed for over 5,000 years has inspired many to set some tea facts down on paper. Not to mention a lot of gorgeous photos. One of the latest to come along is The China Tea Book by Luo Jialin.

Starting with a brief introduction called “From Myth to Reality,” Mr. Jialin then divides the rest of the book into two parts:

  • Tea — covering green, oolong, black, and pu-erh teas
  • Tea Culture — including principles, ancient Chinese tea culture, Zen, and dissemination (spreading the word)

This shows an approach to tea that is all-encompassing, addressing not just the physical reality of tea and preparation but also the impact on the human spirit of this amazing beverage. Knowledge and appreciation grow from each other. The more you know about tea, the more you appreciate it. The more you appreciate tea, the more you want to know. This books feeds both. You get to know more about tea and increase your appreciation. A win-win all round.

Mr. Jialin is an acclaimed authority on tea ceremony and a master tea maker and holds an MFA from Peking University. Quite frankly, I had trepidation about reviewing the book, expecting the command of English that is typical of those who are not native speakers. However, the language is used with true expertise, a sign of careful editing. He is currently a visiting scholar at the University of Ljubljana of Slovenia and lives in Beijing, China.

Get a copy here:  

More photos of the contents (from the publisher’s web site):



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