5 Reasons for a Time-out with Tea

2011 Spring Imperial Anxi Mao Xie
(Hairy Crab) Oolong tea

Tea is said to soothe and calm yet invigorate and refresh. But how do you get this effect if you don’t take a time-out with tea? This is one of the great reasons for indulging in a gongfu tea time, an Asian style tea ceremony, or even a British style tea break. Here are five more reasons:

1 Getting a Taste for Another Culture

Sure you like the taste of teas from China, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, India, and elsewhere, but slowing down and steeping your tea as it is done in these countries can give you a taste for their culture along with their teas. Many in other countries live life not only very differently in terms of the type and shape of everyday objects around them but also in the activities they engage in and the very pace of their life.

2009 Wuyi Shui Xian
Rock Tea-Zheng Yan

2 Putting Some Distance Between You and a Problem

Whether it’s writing an article, figuring out the solution for handling a tough situation, or lobbing some of life’s curve balls, getting a little time away from the situation can clear your brain to see things more clearly. What better way to spend that time than by heating some water and doing a half dozen or so infusions of 2009 Wuyi Shui Xian Rock Tea-Zheng Yan tea? Getting out the gaiwan and going through all the steps to steep and then enjoying that aromatic and flavorful liquid gives you that distance, mentally speaking.

3 Catching Up with a Friend

We can all lose touch with someone that we used to be quite close to. We move to another town, get married, get divorced, have children that we need to raise to be good adults, pursue our careers, and along the way drop that connection with buddies from school, former co-workers who were also the kind you enjoyed having over on the weekend for a barbecue, etc. If your long lost friend is near enough, you might arrange a time to share some with them, introducing them to the wonders of something other than that bagged stuff from the grocery store.

2010 Spring Handmade Premium
Liu An Gua Pian green tea

4 Turning Your World Right Side Up Again

Unlike number 2 where you just take a breather from whatever you’re working on so you can have a fresh approach to it later, here you are re-affirming that the world is basically a good place after all. Yes, a lot of bad happens and, if you went by the nightly newscasts, you’d probably cower under the bed and never come out. But taking some time to enjoy a lovely or a gentle white tea can restore balance to your overall outlook.

5 Reassuring Yourself That That Tea Really WAS That Special

Maybe you were in a rush to have a dose of your favorite pu-erh tea awhile back and now want to enjoy it in a more leisurely fashion. Rushing things, especially tea, can often reduce their sensory impact where you hardly taste them and certainly don’t get to enjoy the complexities of their flavors, aromas, and aftertastes. Remember that the senses are just relays. They send information to your brain. Your brain then processes it and sizes it up. If it’s busy instead calculating ratios or responding to emails, it may not have enough capacity left to handle that taste and smell input from the tea. So, clear your brain of all other functions and let it focus on the fragrance and flavor.

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