3 Reasons to Weigh or Measure Your Tea

Tea isn’t rocket science, so what’s with all the weighing and measuring of the tea leaves when steeping up a potful? I’ve come up with 3 reasons for all the fuss.

1 Taste

Taste is what tea drinking is all about. Steeping tea to get the best taste, though, can be tricky business. Water temperature and quality, the steeping vessel, the quality and processing of the tea — these all make a real difference in the way a tea tastes. Just as crucial, though, is the ratio of tea leaves to water. That’s where weighing comes in. And the ratio depends in large part on your personal taste.

2 Maximization

Tea vendors often post a certain weight of tea leaves to use per a certain amount of water as part of their steeping instructions. This could be in the number of grams, teaspoons, “pearls,” or even “blooms.” Often it’s shown as a suggestion to get you started, but it’s also a way to maximize your enjoyment of the tea, since this ration can affect the “stuff” from the leaves that gets infused into the water. As with any vendor’s steeping instructions, you will need to do your own experimentation to comes up with just the right ratio. But if you don’t weigh or measure, you’re just guessing, and that leads to item #3.

3 Consistency

Once you’ve “played around” with your tea and figured out the right ratio of tea to water, you can note it in a tea journal or one of those phone apps or online sites and then have a consistent steeping the next time around. Well, pretty consistent. Tea leaves will vary a bit as they are stored, even when you take great care with them. That’s just natural.

Bottom Line

Go ahead, get scientific with your teas. They and your tastebuds will thank you for it. This scale will help.

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