Spotlight Tea: Spring 2011 Lagu Leisure Raw Pu-erh Tea

For many pu-erh drinkers, raw (uncooked, sheng) pu-erh is the best. It certainly has truer characteristics than the raw (cooked, shu) pu-erh. And this tea is a fine example.

The first thing to note is that this and other teas are available in sample sizes. This gives you a chance to try the tea and see for yourself its quality. You can start with a look at the dry leaves with their appearance a lot like they were when first pressed into that cake (beeng).

The first steeping shown above was merely an introduction to the flavor marvels to come. It was a bit planty/vegetal in both aroma and flavor with a light sweetness and a wonderful mouthfeel. Subsequent infusions (as many as 18 are possible) revealed more and more of the wonders held within those tea leaves.

A gaiwan is highly recommended here to get the most from these leaves, and straining is not recommended since it will thin out the liquid’s mouthfeel. Don’t miss trying this one — you may find it to be one you turn to when you want something really special.

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