Spotlight Tea: 2007 Menghai “7672” Ripe Pu-erh

The Menghai Tea Factory was one of two tea factories in China that innovated a process of speeding up fermentation of maocha to produce ripe (cooked, shu) pu-erh. (See more info on the factory and this process.) Pu-erhs are often numbered, with each digit indicating the year, leaf grade and factory. In this case the “7672” is for a recipe from 1976, a leaf grade of 7 (indicating a larger leaf size as opposed to the leaf quality) and the Menghai Tea Factory (“2”).

Ripe pu-erhs are generally darker, coarser, and more broken up with a more earthy aroma than raw pu-erhs. As you can see in the photo above, there tends to be small bits of the tea leaves in the liquid, which is a dark amber color and has a lightly earthy aroma and flavor but is smooth and without astringency. In the photo below you can see the more broken nature of these leaves versus some raw pu-erhs.

Each infusion of this tea will be darker and stronger than the one before it. The earthiness will get stronger as the liquid cools.

Try this in a gaiwan to get the most out of the leaves. You can get this in a sample size to see if it suits you.

Read more about this tea:

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