About the Haiwan Tea Factory

The exterior wrapper of a 7038 cake
The Haiwan Tea Factory is the joint venture of pu-erh tea experts Mr. Zou Bingliang and Ms. Lu Guoling. It was established in October of 1999. Liang was the former manager of Menghai Tea Factory and is personally responsible for assuring the quality of Haiwan’s products. He also was the key person in the development at the Menghai Tea Factory in developing a ripe pu-erh. The company is located in the Yunnan Province of China, and their slogan is “Tea for the people.”
The factory uses only high-quality large-leaf tea leaves as raw materials. The primary processing plant lies in Yunshou Mountain adjacent to Aini Village. The local people maintain tea trees there and supply about 1,000 metric tons annually of raw material to the factory. They produce mainly pu-erh teas but also some black and green teas. Some importers consider most of their products to be fairly mainstream, that is, made for the mass market at low prices, with just a few premium teas. Yes, they do have a lot of these but also have some highly selective premium teas that are in a very limited production. Liang’s policy is actually to make teas of good quality at all levels of affordability. They produce most of the traditional compressed forms, including bricks, bings, and tuos. Their branding usually includes a trio of sunflowers. Often the packaging is colored to indicate a cooked puerh (red), or raw (green).
Some bingcha recipes dated prior to the opening of the Haiwan factory may indicate a recipe copied from Menghai.
A fine example of this factory’s product line is recipe 7038 — A high grade blend that is a much better deal than its Menghai Tea Factory counterparts. This recipe was originally created in 1970 using an average grade máochá of 3 (more info).

The inner label
The back side of the cake

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2 Responses to About the Haiwan Tea Factory

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ms. Lu Guoling


  2. The Haiwan company site says it's “Mr. Lu Guoling”, but it's not too important.


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