Spotlight Tea: 2006 Xiaguan Baoyan Ripe Pu-erh

Turning the spotlight on another very special tea. If you’ve never tried pu-erh, here is a good one to start with. If you’re a long-time pu-erh lover but haven’t tried this one yet, time to give it a go! From the first time the aroma of the dried leaves hits your nose to that last drop lingers on your tongue, you will be having a truly fine tea experience. That earthy yet leafy aroma will evoke images of a walk in a primeval forest and put you in the right frame of mind for the flavors to come.

This tea is part of the “Tibetan Flame” group of classic variety of recipes. These were originally produced by the Xiaguan Factory for sale to Tebetans. This particular recipe is a premium version of the Ripe Mushroom recipe and has that true flavor, rich and satisfying, that is associated with Xiaguan pu-erhs.

Use water heated to 205-210° F and steep the first time for 30 seconds (add about 5 seconds to each subsequent steep). The steepings start light, earthy, and smooth — no bitterness or astringency — and get darker in color, a bit heavier in flavor, and stay earthy and smooth.

An important thing to note here: this is a “ripe” pu-erh that has been cooked to speed up the otherwise natural aging process. Read more about it here.

About the Xiaguan Tea Factory.

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