The Year 2013 in Review and Looking Forward to 2014

The year 2013 has been full of challenges and changes for everyone, including this tea blog and our owner company, Before looking forward to the New Year, we thought a quick look back over 2013 would be a good idea, so here goes.

First, our top article for 2013: Can You Eat Tea Leaves?.

Info About Various Teas — Knowledge gives you confidence on selecting the right teas to try. We gave you that knowledge in articles like these: Keemun (Qimen) Teas, The 3 Famous Fujian Red Teas, Insects and Oriental Beauty Oolong, 5 Rare Pu-erhs, What Are the Top 10 Chinese Teas?4 Great Teas from Hubei Province, 3 Key Factors in Máochá That Affect Pu-erh Quality, What Are Congou Teas?, How to Conquer Your Fear of Trying Pu-erh and 5 Divine Chinese Oolongs.

Info About Tea Manufacturers — As you sipped those teas, you got to read about the people and places they came from in articles like these: About the Menghai Tea Factory, About Kunming Tea Factory (part of CNNP) , About the Haiwan Tea Factory, About the JK Tea Company and About the Xiaguan Tea Factory.

Tea Terms Explained — Want to talk tea or just understand the jargon many tea sites use? Then, our blog has articles to fill the bill, like these: Getting to Know Your Tea Terms: Brew, Infuse, Steep, Getting to Know Your Tea Terms: Rinsing/Washing and Getting to Know Your Tea Terms: Oxidation.

Info About Teawares — They can make a big difference in your enjoyment of the tea, so we presented you more information about them, with articles like these: The Beauty of Sniffing Cups, Teawares Can Make the Difference, 5 Reasons to Use a Gaiwan, What’s So Special About Zisha Clay?, Teawares Get Arty with George McCauley, 5 Advantages of Using Glass Teawares and The Pu-erh Lover’s Best Friend: The Cake Knife.

Tips on Preparing Your Fine Teas — So, you ordered the tea, it arrived, now what? You read our blog, that’s what! We have lots of articles to help you make the most of them: 3 Reasons to Weigh or Measure Your Tea, Squeezing Out an Extra Infusion or Two, Should You Strain Your Tea? The Pros and Cons, 5 Essential Steps in Tea Tasting and Seasoning Your Yixing Teapots.

Neat Facts About Tea — Some different angles on tea, such as these: The Role of Mist in Tea Flavor, What’s Bugging Your Tea?, A Closer Look at the Tea Leaf, The Romance of TeaDiet Teas — The Real Ones, That Is!, Clouds in Your Tea?, 3 Reasons to Love Pu-erh, The Trend Toward Flavoring Pu-erhs, and The Beauty of Sampler Packs, The Bamboo Tea Connection, Hawaiian Teas — the Latest Tea Fad?.

Spotlight teas — We’ve presented a closer look at some of the best teas in our stock, including these:

Ripe Pu-erhs: 2006 Xiaguan Baoyan, 2007 Menghai “7672”, and 2009 Shang Pin Bu Lang Pure Old Tree.
Raw Pu-erhs: 2007 Xiaguan Kai Men Hong and Spring 2011 Lagu Leisure.
Oolongs: 2011 Spring Nonpareil Mt. Wudong Song Variety Mi Lan Xiang (Honey Orchid) Phoenix Dan Cong and Premium Lalashan High-Mountain.
White Teas: 2011 Spring Imperial Fuding Silver Needle and 2012 Spring Imperial White Peony.
Green Teas: 2011 Spring Handmade Imperial Zhu Ye Qing (Bamboo Leaf) and 2011 Spring Handmade Premium Liu An Gua Pian.
Black Teas: 2011 Spring Imperial Lapsang Golden Eyebrow and Keemun Mao Feng.

See our blog for the complete line-up. And don’t miss any of our 2014 articles — subscribe to the blog RSS feed!

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