Spotlight Tea: Keemun Black Tea

There are several varieties of Keemun (Qimen) teas, as we had detailed in our article here, with this black tea (Hao Ya A) being one of the better ones. The manufacturing style is orthodox, and the variety is congou.
Whether you call this a black tea, as those of us in the U.S. and other “western” countries know it, or red tea, as most in Asia know it, you will find that among those black/red teas this is one that can be sipped or gulped. You can enjoy a small cupful as shown above or a whole potful (steeped in a ceramic, glass, porcelain, etc., teapot) and get the same great flavor: slightly smoky but with a bit of citrus notes, especially in the aftertaste, but not “jammy” like the Mao Feng version. The aroma is pleasant, also, with a satisfying complexity that will leave you guessing and a hint of smokiness.
This tea also has the flexibility to be steeped lighter and enjoyed straight or darker and add milk and sugar or other sweetener. Or just add in a touch of honey. In other words, have it your way! Start with boiling water, some tea leaves in your gaiwan or teapot, and let the pleasures begin. Unlike other black teas, this is one that can undergo multiple steepings of the same batch of tea leaves. There are also various health benefits associated with this and other black teas. For us, the main benefit is the wonderful flavor range in the cup.
Keemun black teas are named as being among the top 10 teas from China, see our article here. It is hand-harvested and –processed, assuring the best quality in every batch.
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