5 Ways to Start Enjoying Pu-erh Teas Now

Starting something new can be a bit intimidating. But there are ways of approaching that new thing that will make you more comfortable. Getting started enjoying pu-erh teas is one of those things that can be rather daunting but that you can ease into. We show you five ways to go about it.
1 – Take it a step at a time
Learn a little, try a little, learn a little more, try a little more. A lot of people who regularly enjoy pu-erh tea started this way. Some got a sample as a gift. Others travelled to China and bought a cake there. No matter how it starts, you have to take that first step. Then subsequent steps will get easier. Just like how toddlers learn to walk.
2 – Treat it all as a fun experience
Buy sample sizes, mini tuochas, or even a whole cake/brick. And don’t take the whole thing too seriously. Give it a try. If you like it, great. If you don’t, that’s okay, too. You can pass what you have left to someone else to try. The main thing is to have fun.
3 – Join a pu-erh club
A club is a great way to start. If it’s one that sends you samples on a regular basis, you can try different ones to see which appeal to you. Even if it’s an online club (like the one we have on Facebook) where you post things and see what others post, you can share experiences and learn from others. Don’t worry if someone is less than tactful in commenting on your posting or responds to your questions a bit gruffly. A lot of time the folks participating on these sites don’t speak English as their first language and can miss some of the subtleties of expression we have.
4 – Befriend someone who enjoys pu-erh
There’s nothing like befriending someone interested in a subject you want to learn more about to help you get started. That person can be your mentor, and then you can in turn be mentor to someone else.
5 – Dive into the deep end of the pool, metaphorically speaking
If you see a pu-erh that appeals to you, go ahead and buy it. Don’t worry about whether it will appreciate in value over the years or even how well it will store. You’ll probably end up going ahead and trying it anyway. All I can say is “Bravo!” and be sure to post how it all went on our Facebook Pu-erh Club page.

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