Fengqing February #3: Fengqing Golden Buds Black Tea

This tea is even another step up from the straight black tea we posted about here and the Classic 58 version we posted about here. Your best sipping is yet to come, and sipping is definitely recommended to assure you get the most flavor experience from every drop.
Gorgeous sight here with mostly golden buds:
These are even larger pieces than the Fengqing straight black and the Fengqing Classic 58 black that we posted about here. This tea is created from highest grade small bud Fengqing Autumn season leaves that are picked when the buds are still young. They have obviously been processed by hand with great care. They are rolled, very lightly oxidized and roasted or wok-dried by hand. The leaves have a cocoa, nutty, jammy aroma, and the flavor is smooth. The liquid has a color that is a medium rosy red with a flavor that is peppery and that has a grape quality with a slight tang in the aftertaste which tends to be long lasting. The tea will be fine upon first receiving it but will get better with age, unlike most other black teas.
It’s good to view the lovely buds after infusing, too, to fully appreciate the care that was taken to produce this fine tea.

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