How to Get the Freshest Green Teas

The challenge for many tea lovers when it comes to get the freshest green teas of the new growing season is one of time. Green teas are best enjoyed as soon after processing as possible, yet most tea growers and processors are over there and you, the would-be green tea enjoyer, are over here. An ocean lies between you and them. Actually, even more than an ocean. Getting those fresh green teas all that way tends to be rather challenging, therefore.

Spring Handmade Imperial Xin Yang Mo Jian Hairy Tips Green tea – this is what fresh looks like!

The solution for this dilemma is simple, and one that we are implementing for several green tea productions. Pre-ordering is the key. It lets the processor know what the demand is and assures that your order is speeded up, shipping directly to you, saving further delay. You order with us, we handle the payment processing and pass along the order to the processor. When the teas have been harvested and processed, the shipments are prepared and sent directly to you. The result: the freshest versions of these green teas that you can get without traveling to the tea fields.

For the 2014 growing season, we have selected these fine green teas for pre-ordering (see our store site for details on each tea):

Why Fresh Is Best

Getting the freshest green tea possible may not seem like a big deal in our age of instant gratification and some lowering of our standards and expectations that go with that. How many know what a freshly grilled burger really tastes like, for example? But you can raise your standards when it comes to the green teas above. They will ship directly to you so that the time between field and cup is reduced. That means a brighter flavor and more chance of the health benefits many associate with green tea actually taking effect. Green tea is minimally processed, undergoing withering to make the leaves more pliable, heating to prevent oxidizing (some call it fermenting), and shaping of the leaves according to the specific type of green tea being processed.

Many of these green teas are the first plucking after the buds for the white teas have been picked. They can be closed buds that have lost their silvery hairs, buds that are still tender and newly opened, or the prized two-leaves-and-a-bud combo. The sooner they reach you, the fresher and more lively they taste. In fact, I am willing to declare that even those of you who say you hate green tea will like these. Freshness makes a difference, one that you will see and be spoiled by forever, demanding only the freshest from that moment on.

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