Are Your Tea Photos “Sexy”?

“Sexy” in tea photos is becoming a trend. I must confess that as a photographer (which I’m not), my ability to put that sexy quality in my tea photos doesn’t always succeed. From color shifts making the tea look too green to the ones that are so dark you can distinguish the tea leaves or so overexposed that most things are a blur of white, I’ve done it all. But some of the photos I’ve been seeing online that photos people have posted of their tea purchases and have to say “Oooooooh… sexy!” The big question is, “What qualities of these photos makes them have that sexy quality?”

A sample “sexy” tea photo:

Being in focus sure helps, at least partially. Having some purposeful fuzziness in the background is fine, though. The key is having it look like you meant it. Playing with your light sources and deciding whether or not to use the camera flash will help you improve on those other issues, seeing the detail and getting the colors closer to reality. But this is the technical side. “Sexy” goes beyond the technical, though. You can take such great in focus and otherwise correct photos that will, if you’ll excuse the expression, bore the pants off of all who seen them. Not good.

Achieving “sexy” in your tea photos means being a bit different, getting up close and personal with the tea, and projecting into those photos your own love of that tea – a conviction that it’s one of the best things out there in this whole wide world. Softer (but not dim) lighting can help, as can some reflectivity such as in the liquid you’ve just steeped. A great cup for the liquid, the perfect teapot, a setup of these and other items in a great arrangement, a flower or bit of greenery – these enhance the way the right outfit does.

Get those cameras clicking and see how “sexy” your tea photos can be!

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