How Your Customer Comments Help Us

You buy a product. You like it. You don’t like it. You don’t bother to tell the store manager or online vendor either way. We understand. Your life is busy. It can take time to post a comment on their site or Facebook page with your feedback. But your efforts can really help that store or vendor in serving you better and improving their line of products. And it can help us achieve our goal.

We want to be your “go to” for the finest teas from China and Taiwan (and a few from nearby areas like Darjeeling, India, and northern Thailand). The best way to do that is to hear from you. Good, bad, so-so, or whatever else you care to tell us. They all help. And your time and effort are greatly appreciated. Your feedback can help guide our decisions in what we select from our suppliers. No sense getting in more of a tea that many of you tell us is bitter tasting or unpleasant.

Another benefit to both you and us is the shared camaraderie of infusing and trying these teas, enjoying some (hopefully many) and not others (hopefully few), and then sharing your tasting notes with us. We don’t just sell these teas, we enjoy them, too! We try to take time to post some of our own tasting notes, too, on Facebook, this blog, and elsewhere. It helps us all when we share this type of information, especially since so many things can affect the flavor of your tea: water quality and temperature, steeping vessel (ceramic teapot, Yixing clay teapot, gaiwan, glass, etc.), ratio of tea leaves to water, infusion time, and even how the tea was stored.

With your help, we can also improve the infusion instructions on some of our teas and add instructions to others where they are lacking. So, we hope you will take a moment and let us know how your tea experience went. Thanks!

About Janice and Stephen Shelton

Purveyors of Premium Teas
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