Dissolvable Tea?

We wrote about the distinction between brewing, steeping, and infusing tea. Thinking that this issue had pretty much been addressed (ha ha! no such thing, apparently, in the world of tea), we then came across a tea that isn’t brewed, steeped, or infused. It’s dissolved! Yes, just add hot water and let the dry tea completely merge with the water. Magic … sorta!

The original dissolvable tea – Matcha Powder 1000 Mesh EU Organic-Certified

Matcha is a dissolvable tea. Actually, technically speaking it is a suspension where the molecules of the tea are dispersed rather evenly among the molecules of the water. In this state, you can drink both without experiencing any chalkiness or gritty residue.

Dissolvable tea shapes

But we’re seeing other kinds of dissolvable (or should we call them suspendable?) teas out there, including one that looks like a calendar where every day of the year is made from a different tea (or flavored tea) and a newcomer where the tea leaves and ingredients are ground up and pressed into stars and other shapes (put one in a cup and pour hot water over it – the tea supposedly leaves no gritty residue).

As folks who strongly prefer to infuse their teas loose (unbagged and without an infuser of any kind), we approach the idea of dissolvable/suspendable tea (other than matcha) with a bit of healthy skepticism. We don’t appear to be alone in this. An online chat (that sadly devolved into a discussion about the definition of matcha which further devolved into petty name calling) included remarks such as that it sounded fishy unless they meant matcha, and that a particular brand was more like instant coffee and just as distasteful.

However, we have to stick with the idea that you all must choose your own way to enjoy tea. Plus life can get hectic, and you may need some way to have that occasional cup of dissolvable tea when you’re in-between meetings or classes or other events where your normal gongfu approach is a bit too much.

Tea calendar

A better way to have that quick fix of tea, though, might be to make some up ahead and put it in a travel mug. The tea will stay at a reasonable temperature.

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