Starting Out the New Year on the Right Tea Foot

The New Year is here. It’s 2015, and you want to start out your year on the right tea foot. The big problem is what does “right” mean? We all have different tastes. So “right” has to be what right is for you. There are, though, some general guides you can follow.

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Know What You Like

One thing I have discovered over the years is that tea drinkers know what they like. So, if you are just starting out in tea, try some, determine what suits your palate best, and enjoy it with a gleeful heart. There are folks online that pounce on someone who says something nice about a tea that they find unpleasant, not stopping to think that we are all different. I encourage you, if you have ever been pounced on like that, to hang tough and stick with what tickles your tastebuds. Now, the next item would seem to contradict this, but not really. Know what you like but also…

Be Willing to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

I am a pu-erh lover who stepped outside his comfort zone to try some flavored teas and herbals recently and added these to my store site. You might be a flavored tea/herbal fanatic who is ready to venture into those straight teas (the ones without fruits, flowers, spices, and other ingredients added in). Or you might declare that oolongs from the nation of Taiwan are the only ones for you – well, time to try some Dancong oolongs or even a Zealong or two. Green tea lovers might find that green teas with fruits are quite delightful. Or black tea lovers might venture to try some with mango or rose petals added. Who knows? In the world of tea, you set the rules.

Forge Ahead in the New Year with Tea!

Yes, tea is one of those things where you can focus on one particular kind or try a bunch. So, what is the “right tea foot”? By now you know it’s the one that’s right for you. If you like fruity teas, there are plenty around. Ditto for florals, spiced, minty, herbals, and just about anything else you can name. Above all, enjoy!

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