2 Teas to Help You Wind Up Hot Tea Month with a Tea Bang!

January, aka “Hot Tea Month,” has been a blast, so it’s fitting and proper to wind up the end with a tea bang! After all, Winter has certainly made quite a show of things in some parts of the U.S. recently. Snow across the northeastern states, in particular. Brrr! But hot tea is the solution. And one with great flavor gives you a true tea bang!


1 – Magnificent Mango Black Tea

As a pu-erh guy, I really have to say that my foray into flavored teas and some herbal infusions may seem odd, but quite frankly the Magnificent Mango Black Tea shown above is one of several that have me rethinking things a bit. Mango is a great fruit that has gained steadily in popularity in the U.S. for years. Mango juice is easy to find in stores, indicating the demand by customers. So adding that wonderful tangy sweet flavor to a rich, brisk tasting black tea seems like a great pairing – a tang and a bang! And it comes in a handy bio-degradable sachet for easy steeping wherever you are when that urge strikes.

2 – Passion Unleashed

I’m thinking of going for some of the herbals next. In fact, Passion Unleashed sounded so appealing that it was our next cup of tea bang! Well, technically, it’s an herbal infusion, but the term “herbal tea” is so common these days that I’ll call it that here to keep things simple. This a blend of passion fruit leaves and flavoring, hibiscus, and chamomile flowers. A bang followed by a soothing dose of chamomile. Our tastebuds tingled and then all was calm. Love at first sip!


May your last few days of Hot Tea Month be full of the enjoyment of that bang that comes from a great flavor in the cup!

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