A Tea Garden Awakens for Spring

One of the tea gardens whose teas we have been happy to offer to our customers is the Doke Tea Garden in the state of Bihar, India. Like most tea gardens in that part of the world, they undergo a period of dormancy. And that dormancy is ending as Doke Tea Garden awakens for Spring!

Bright green fresh leaves full of their enticing flavors.

Bright green fresh leaves full of their enticing flavors.

Gardeners of all types look forward to that first sign of new growth in the Spring. So of course when the Lochan team saw these fresh buds, they just had to share the good news, and it got us excited, too! Our customers have been giving us good feedback on Doke Black Fusion 2014 First-Flush Imperial Handmade Tea, so we will be anticipating the results of this new crop, especially with the addition of their new firing oven built last year. (Thank goodness gardens awakening aren’t like some of us people – no grumpiness and needing to stretch.)

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Located alongside the Doke River for which it was named, Doke Tea Garden is a testament to determination and demonstrates the potential of man to apply his knowledge and intelligence for something beneficial. In a world full of non-beneficial applications, this is refreshing to see. The garden is run mainly by Neha Lochan, the daughter of Rajiv Lochan. She is ably assisted by a very knowledgeable staff and also hosts visitors who come there to learn about tea from the ground up (literally).

While some scoff at tea of any passable quality being grown on flat land that has to be protected from the occasional flood during the rainy season, the Lochans soldier on and say “It can be done.” Apparently, from what we and others have tasted, they are very right in doing so. Their first flush (the first growth after dormancy) seems to be shaping up nicely, but time and a sample tasting or two will tell the whole story. We are doing our best to be patient!

More info on the garden: Doke – Another Tea Garden Beating the Odds

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