3 Must Haves for a St. Patty’s Day Tea Party

StPatDayCloverLeafSt. Patty’s specials are popping up all over Facebook and other social media sites, but we wanted to be sure you knew which items were the three must haves for a St. Patrick’s Day tea party! Tuesday is the big day, but you might want to get started early.

Must Have #1 – Something Green

Hard to say which of these three must haves is more obvious, but heck, I have to start somewhere. And the choices are many. You can dye your hair green or don a green wardrobe or dye yourself green from head to toe and wear green clothing à la the Riddler on the old Batman series. How about some green nail polish? Green lipstick? On second thought, maybe just a green necktie or scarf or brooch. Subtlety is often best and speaks loudest. Of course, as a tea vendor, I have to also point out green tea as an option here. And you have quite a few to choose from, as seen here.

Must Have #2 – Something Irish

Another obvious one. After all, even though St. Patrick (née Patricius) was not born in Ireland (he was a Romanized Gaul from western Britain who was kidnapped by Celtic raiders and taken back to Ireland to herd sheep as a slave), he did end up adopting that land as his home (after escaping his captors about five years later, making his way back to Britain only to find that he was so far behind in his studies that he couldn’t relate to his peers) and set about trying to get Celtic tribal chiefs to give up their barbaric ways. His level of success was pretty good, actually, but sadly left the island open to invasions centuries later by Vikings (but that’s another story). As for that something Irish, I have several suggestions in the edible category: corned beef and cabbage, soda bread, Irish stew, and of course some Irish style scones to have with your tea.

Must Have #3 – Something Fun

Again obvious. What’s a celebration without fun? Bores-ville! So gather round some friends, get that kettle filled with fresh water and set it on the burner, prep your teawares and select the tea, and get ready to par-TEEEA!!!

Here’s our version:

A tasty bit of Bi Luo Chun enjoyed against a background of brilliant green tea bushes stretching over the hills.

A tasty bit of Bi Luo Chun enjoyed against a background of brilliant green tea bushes stretching over the hills.


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