5 Top Tips for Tea Lovers


A hit tea from last year. Waiting to taste the one from this year.

Time for some tips for you tea lovers. Whether you are just starting to expand your tea horizons beyond the simple black and green teas you grew up with or are a dedicated enjoyer of some of the finest teas, you can always use a few tips for how to get more from that experience, so here are our top 5 tips.

1 That Prize-winning Tea Isn’t Always the Best for You

I’ve probably mentioned it before, but what the tea judges look for in a tea may not be what you look for in a tea. Part of the issue is that we are all different. Part is how they infuse the tea and then experience it (usually a quick almost inhaled sip with lots of slurping noise, a swish around the palate, and then a spit – hopefully, that’s not how you do it, at least not the spitting part).

2 Be Brave, Be an Explorer

Habits are easy to form, and getting out of them can take conscious effort. It can also take a bit of bravado and that explorer spirit. There was a time when travel wasn’t as easy as it is now, so those living in the eastern hemisphere weren’t too sure what was in the western hemisphere. They would bravely go exploring. You can do your own exploring without risking falling off the edge of the world. Just try a tea or two outside of your regular choices.

3 Get Cozy with Your Tea Vendor

Buying regularly from the smaller vendors does tend to be noticed by their owners who then seek to show their appreciation, such as our discount for returning customers. You as a tea lover need also to keep in touch with that vendor. We like to keep in touch with you through the JAS-eTea page on Facebook and our newsletter (scroll to the bottom of any page on our site to enroll). Both of these things help you stay informed about new teas coming in and tea sales, great ways to expand your line-up of teas to try.

4 Pass Along Samples of Teas You Like (or Don’t)

Sharing is often touted as an activity that can give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. This is especially so when you are sharing samples of teas you really like. And the teas you don’t like might prove to be adored by someone else. This seems especially so of our flavored tea line-up. Rooibos, chamomile, and other herbals are also in this class. So you can share the joy or share the possibilities.

5 Sample…Sample…Sample…Then Buy What You Like

After awhile of sampling various teas, you will find some that you’ll just need to have some more of. Time to get that order in and assure that any of your favorites that were rather unique will be available.

Happy hunting and wishing you many great tea sessions ahead!

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