Preparing for That Mother’s Day Tea Time

Mothers are important, and premium teas can be a great way to show your appreciation. So, it’s time to prepare for doing just that by getting in your order of teas in time for Mother’s Day.

Great Teas and Teawares

WiT_ValTea_JASCupofGdnss0aThese are just a few items that would be great features in your Mother’s Day tea time:

  • Cup of Goodness – Assure mom of your good behavior with this tea that’s good to the last drop! All natural Siberian ginseng root, lemon myrtle, and Zhen Mei green tea combine for a fabulous taste and aroma that will have your mom smiling with glee and forgetting about that favorite vase you broke or that fender bender in her car after she let you drive it to that party at a friend’s house.
  • Glass Teapot by Hario in Chacha Kyusu Maru Style – 700ml cap. – Offered for sale through our site as a convenience to our customers, this lovely teapot meets our standards on several levels. It lets you visually enjoy the tea as it steeps. It adds a touch of beauty and class to your tea time. And the infuser basket and body are large enough to let those tea leaves fully expand.
  • Jasmine Imperial Spring Silver Needle White Tea Organic-Certified – One of the longest existing styles of scented teas is jasmine tea. And our Silver Needle version is a two-fer, giving you that wonderful jasmine fragrance with the goodness of the highest grade of white tea – Silver Needle, made entirely of the finest silvery hair covered tea buds (those tender unopened leaves usually from the first harvest of the year).
  • Gaiwan – Porcelain, Lotus Design – 150ml cap. – The lotus (lianhua 莲花 or hehua 荷花) is important in Chinese culture. It is one of the 8 Auspicious Symbols and also signifies the 7th month of the Lunar Calendar. It stands for purity and detachment from worldly cares – based on images of the Buddha seated on a lotus. And it also means continuous harmony – a hidden meaning since the Chinese word for lotus is pronounced the same as the word for continuous (连) and is pronounced the same as the word harmony (和). All great to keep in mind as your mom steeps her tea in this lovely gaiwan, well-known as the best way to enjoy fine oolongs, green teas, and white teas.

For Mothers-to-Be

Women who are expecting are generally advised to avoid caffeine. So, we present a selection of tisanes (also called “herbal teas”) that are caffeine free:

See more options here.

Have a great Mother’s Day, all! We’d love to see your photos posted on our Facebook page.

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