3 Reasons Tearooms Should Serve the Best Teas!

To me as a tea vendor, three reasons come to mind for why tearooms should serve the best teas. It all centers around why tearooms even exist.

Queen Victoria's Swiss Cottage at Osborne House on the Isle Of Wight

Queen Victoria’s Swiss Cottage at Osborne House on the Isle Of Wight

Tearooms are different things to different people. They are a place to gather with friends and family in celebration of a special event such as a birthday, bridal shower, or anniversary. They are a place to share a cuppa with a friend or loved one. And much more. What they are not is a place to be served the same old stale tea in a teabag or the same ordinary tea that they can get elsewhere. Tearooms are expected by their patrons to serve the best teas, and I tend to agree most wholeheartedly.

For those of you who remain a bit skeptical or just like things listed clearly, here are my three reasons:

1 – Respect and Appreciation for Your Customers

Your customers are often pretty savvy tea-wise or at least looking for a tea experience a bit beyond the usual. Setting a pot of somewhat hot water and a teabag or two in front of them is short of that expectation and akin to what they could get at the local eatery. Serving them the best teas shows that you respect and appreciate them and think that they will, in turn, appreciate those teas.

2 – Sharing Your Love of Fine Teas with Your Customers

Many of you tearoom owners got into the business from a love of tea. Just as I started my online shop from a love of pu-erh teas. And just as one of my goals was to share that knowledge and love of those teas with my customers, so you want to share the best teas with your customers. Be prepared, though, for them reacting differently to those teas, since we all have our own unique perceptions of taste and aroma.

3 – A Tea Experience Customers Will Come Back For

It all adds up to the best reason for serving the best teas: an experience they will come back for. Your appeal is being able to offer teas that are not mainstream. Give them something unique and very special. Plus make it a learning experience and, above all, fun! Tea tasting events are becoming increasingly popular. Group events are also great times to present something special to your clients. The advent of those Spring green and white teas on the market, for example, would be a good draw for tea lovers in your area to flock in (we offer bulk purchases on several of the best).

Bottom Line

Hope these three reasons have you convinced that serving the best teas at your tearoom is worthwhile. We’re here to help you make that tea experience truly memorable for your customers and keep them coming back for more! Email us about wholesale pricing.

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