The Orange Pekoe Tea Rating System Made Simple – An Infographic

To many tea drinkers, the term “orange pekoe” is a mystery. In reality, it’s quite simple. “Pekoe” is a common grading of Indian and Ceylonian teas that has several finer gradings (each indicated by an additional letter added to the left of the others). It is also used for some Chinese teas such as Keemuns and Yunnan Dian Hongs. We thought a nice infographic (all the rage these days among social media experts) would help here, so we did this one:

Our Cool Infographic


Thanks for Reading!

Hope you enjoy our infographic, and feel free to share it to your favorite social media site (Pinterest, DiggIt, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.).

Whichever grade of Pekoe you choose, steep it up right and you will have a tasty tea time!

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