Some Thoughts on Fall and Tea

The calendar has clicked over to a month that in many minds says the start of Fall, even though the official start is not until later in this month (September 23rd this year). And despite the warm temps outside, I am thinking of Fall and tea in a very combined manner, due to the factors you will see below.

Chai Lovers Delight

Influences of Nature

The big thing this time of year is how nature influences our tea drinking, as follows:

  • Daylight hours shorter, so less time spent outdoors and more time indoors having tea.
  • Sun rays at lower angle in the sky (one of the things that signals trees to start turning the leaves those lovely colors) has an effect on our mood. We seem to get a signal, too, an affinity for certain colors, warm sweaters, log fires, etc. And of course, our thirst for hot tea kicks in.
  • Sunny days seem crisper, less humid, and rainy days seem more cozy and less oppressive. And both seem great for tea.

Tea’s Role

For most of us, this is a big time of year for tea, especially served hot (although many of us enjoy both hot and iced year round). Tea has several roles here:

  • Helping with the time change that comes along (falling back one hour). Matcha and Breakfast Blend are a couple of teas that help keep you more alert due to this change.
  • Certain flavors making their way into your tea, like apple, pumpkin, ginger, and spices (especially cinnamon and nutmeg), or into the treats you enjoy at tea time.
  • That teacup seeming to stay attached to your hand (sort of like a favorite blanket or teddy bear for a young child, providing a secure feeling) as you walk around the house and sip that delicious hot liquid.
  • Being there whenever you fill a bit chilly or just want that lovely tea warmth inside you!

Some of Our Faves for Fall

Spiced teas (often called simply “Chais”) are top of the list. Next comes those classic black tea blends and flavors like apple spice. But herbals have a place here, too. And we even go for some of those Spring green teas (they stay fresh a lot longer than you think, especially when stored in the refrigerator). Of course, being a big pu-erh fan, I break out the shu (ripe, cooked) and do a nice, long steep session.

What’s Your Fave Tea for Fall?

Always love hearing from you. Let us know which tea says “It’s Fall!” to you. Thanks!


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