Exploring Teas but Coming Back to a Favorite – An Infographic

Recently, I shared with my readers here my story of how I came to enjoy fine teas, and a couple of you were so kind as to share your stories here, too. One thing is clear: people started with a particular tea, explored other teas, and eventually came back to a favorite (or found a new one). And that, of course, led to a new infographic. It may not depict the exact path you took, but it is one that many people take every day.


Even if you find yourself back at the beginning, just think of all the wonderful experiences you had along the way and how much richer as a person you are. Plus, my guess is that you won’t be exactly back at that beginning. The tea you go back to will be a better quality version, to be sure.

Start your exploration with samples of some of our fine teas, or get a small pouch of something intriguing such as our Fuding Silver Needle 2015 Spring Imperial White Tea (Organic-Certified). Who knows where your exploration will go from there.

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