5 Essentials for Doing Our Best to Bring the Best to You!

Sometimes being a small company trying to compete in a marketplace dominated by bigger companies with much deeper pockets is a tough gig. We’ve seen plenty of small vendors come and go and, so far, after just over seven years we have managed to keep going. There are several essentials that account for this and help us do our best to bring the best to you.


1 – Staying Positive

When you run a small business, it can be easy to lose your positive view of things. The thrill of starting that new venture can fade if the sales don’t roll in quite as quickly as expected. Our enthusiasm for pu-erh teas is not shared by a wide range of people, so we don’t expect a flood of orders and don’t get discouraged by it, and of course it’s why we added other teas to our line-up to meet that variety of customer tastes. Staying positive means we stay focused on what can make the business work.

2 – Staying Sharp

We’re in the tea business, and things are changing all the time. Smaller companies get bought by bigger companies. New products and trends emerge. And we try to stay sharp and keep up. That means spending time going through sites online where such stories get reported. I peruse them daily. It also means staying in touch…

3 – Staying in Touch

Communicating with your customers is a no-brainer, making sure that orders have proper follow-up, that newsletters are relevant, and that any messages customers post on your social media sites get prompt attention. But don’t forget to stay in touch with your suppliers, too. They might have new products that are perfect for your online store. I found some wonderful lidded tea mugs that way. Beautiful colors and very appealing to my customers. But I only knew about them by sending a nice “Hi, hope all is well with you” message to them.

4 – Staying Interested

Again, getting back to that initial rush of excitement when you start a new venture. It can fade over time, but you can stay interested by keeping things fresh and new.

5 – Staying Ahead

Be innovative, a trendsetter. Your customers are always interested in something new. Whether it’s that new flush of Darjeeling teas or a unique steeping device. Keep a step ahead of the market, and your customers will keeping coming back to you for that latest item.

About Janice and Stephen Shelton

Purveyors of Premium Teas
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