Slideshow: Tea Time Spooktacular Ideas!

Halloween is approaching, so it’s time for adding some spooktacular elements to your tea party. Being Pinterest fans, we came across some great ideas there to pass along to you here in this slideshow plus some other items from around the “information superhighway.” Enjoy!

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More on the items in the slides:

  • Blood Spatter Cookies – a little food coloring, a bit of flinging, and you have treats that will have your guests asking: “So, when does the CSI team show up?”
  • Sand Witches – you have to scroll down a ways to see these, and don’t miss the other cute party ideas on the way. The key here are those legs!
  • Tombstone Dip Set – a playful addition to your Halloween tea party, displaying marinated olives and other condiments. Very spooky!
  • Eyeball Punch – simple, easy. Recipe calls for fruit punch, but you could sub our Keemun tea.
  • Coffin Sandwiches – one of a dozen or so recipes of spooky treats for your tea party. They don’t give you details, but you can pretty much tell from the photos what these are made of.
  • Vampire Cupcakes – uh oh! Looks like someone got to those cupcakes first! At least that way he won’t be after you. Lots more spooky ideas on that page.
  • Creepy Cake Plate – tiny bats cling to this little cake plate painted up for Halloween. Made by Glorian Ceramics and more of a decorative piece, unless you like sliding cakes.
  • Halloween Mugs, Cups & Glassware – lots of creepy and spooky options for sipping that punch or tea! (Most designs are retired with only a few left.)
  • An array of ghoulish treats – they look horrid but taste delicious, and they will add a great spooky flair to that tea party!
  • Spooky Scene – all those spooky treats need a spooky set up! (Seen on Pinterest)
  • Time for a Spooky Cuppa – nothing like a good book and tea, but it looks like that spider has dibs here. Well, I’ll just sip, enjoy the candlelight, and carve the spider’s name on that tombstone. (Photo by A.C. Cargill, used with permission, all rights reserved.)

Lots more ideas abound. Let your imagine take you away, and don’t forget the tea!

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