Have a Green Holiday with Green Tea!

Green is one of the dominant colors for the Holidays (red being the other), so why not green for your tea, too? Several choices spring to mind, teas that I have tried and grown quite fond of during recent years and a newcomer or two.

A wonderful Spring tea – Zhu Ye Qing (Bamboo Leaf) – is also wonderful to enjoy during the holidays!

A wonderful Spring tea – Zhu Ye Qing (Bamboo Leaf) – is also wonderful to enjoy during the holidays!

The first green tea that I think of now is Longjing (aka Dragonwell or Lung Ching), and it’s a tea my dear wife Janice introduced me to – an introduction that was to have rather far-reaching effects, such as this blog and our online tea store. We currently have two versions available of this wonderful, prized tea:

The tea leaves are hand-picked and pan-fired, producing a high chestnut aroma mixed with a light orchid fragrance that will have you wanting to eat the leaves (after steeping). The tea liquid is floral, delicate, and sweet for the perfect relaxing beverage after a busy day of shopping, wrapping gifts, decorating the house, baking cookies, etc.

China Chai (a green tea with spices added) is the next one to come to mind. Chai is a holiday must, but people usually have one based on black tea, not green. Going with the green chai puts a new twist on things. Our version consists of Chinese green tea, cinnamon, almond, cloves, green cardamom (grains & leaves), rose petals, and bay leaves. Like other such blends, it is intended to instill you with certain benefits, such as calming or enlivening. Since the tea base is a green tea instead of the usual black tea, milk is not recommended or even needed. We find this tea perfect while trimming the Christmas tree.

Thinking back to this past Spring and the lovely fresh green teas that were produced then, I head to my private stash for some Zhu Ye Qing (Bamboo Leaf) 2015 Spring Imperial Handmade Green Tea. Just watching those leaves infusing in the gaiwan has me envisioning Christmas wreaths all a-twinkle. This green tea variety has become one of the most popular green teas for many green tea lovers in the last few years. Our Zhu Ye Qing comes directly from the local Chinese farmer on Emei mountain. The tea has a wonderful sugarcane aroma and taste.

For those of you thinking of giving the gift of fine teas, we have two options that are sure to get those new to green teas started off right and will even satisfy the long-time green tea drinkers.

Of course, with all those holiday indulgences, you’ll want a little something to help keep those extra pounds at bay. I find a cup of our Dieter’s Friend Tea Blend to be just the right thing! Dieter’s Friend Tea Blend starts with a fine black tea and a healthful green tea blended together, then adds additional healthy ingredients: green mate, lemon grass, rose petals, ginger root, roman chamomile, green cardamom, black cardamom, cardamom grains, black pepper, and holy basil (tulsi). We find it refreshing and tasty with a slight caffeine uplift.

JAS-PL-Mid-Day-Uplift-Tea-promoAs you rush to finish last-minute shopping, addressing and mailing those greeting cards, and preparing all those special foods just for this time of year, keep your energy and spirits up with some Mid-Day Uplift Tea, a green tea base with ginger root, coriander, green cardamom, black cardamom, cardamom grains, cloves, nutmeg, curcuma, and saffron, that infuses a very spicy, slightly tangy, and aromatic revitalizer.

There are more green teas on our store. Besides color, they have one thing in common: lighter taste. Most are delicate enough to be sipped (or even gulped) straight, which keeps them light on your tummy, too.

So, go out there. Enjoy the holidays and the many traditional foods. Then, have a nice cup or potful of one of these or other green teas. Ho ho ho!

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