The Year 2015 in Review and Looking Forward to 2016

WordPress sends out their year of blogging to let you know how much you did nor did not post during the year just finished. As tempting as it is to just spit out their list here, I’d rather take a more heartfelt look, so here goes…


Labor of Love

Tea is a labor of love, so we listen to our customers to know what you love. As such, we added flavored teas to our lineup in 2014 and enhanced that in 2015. We’re picky and know that you’re picky, so we made sure that we stocked only the best. And we focused on flavors that were top picks, such as Earl Grey, Pumpkin Spice, Apple Spice, and Jasmine, but threw in some surprises with Parisian Delight and Lychee Black.

Staying True

Our company started with pu-erh and special green, white, oolongs, and yellow teas. And we have stayed true to those teas, many of which are classics by now (teas for which their admirers wait anxiously each year). Bringing you the finest tea is our mission, and assuring that your orders are filled quickly and accurately is our standard. We will be having a selection of 2016 Spring teas available, and have 2015 on hand, stored in a proper environment, to help you last during the next few months.

Exploring New Horizons

Teas from India made their appearance in our lineup, from spiced chais to Darjeelings to a wonderful tippy Assam. They represented some of the finest tea gardens and teas from the hands of real tea masters. And our streamlined operations keep our overhead low, so you can enjoy these teas for the best prices around. Wellness Teas and Herbals also made their appearance, and were made by only the best ingredients to assure your good health.

Keeping You in the Know

From brochures on our store site to publications on that included our first ever holiday season gift catalog, to informative articles on this blog to help you learn and enjoy more. We share our love of teas and keep you in the know.

Value for You

We re-implemented our Instant Coupon feature, to help you save more. If you haven’t tried it yet, stop on by! We also have added subscriber-only specials to our newsletters so you get more than just that annoying ping popping up in your Inbox.

What’s Ahead in 2016

The year ahead will be challenging for all business owners as we deal with a world economy experiencing some ups and downs – not unusual and certainly not the end of everything. But here at, Janice and I will be ready for your orders and getting them out just like always.

Best wishes for a great year!


About Janice and Stephen Shelton

Purveyors of Premium Teas
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