Heating Up Winter with Tea!

The forecast is showing subzero low temperatures across much of the U.S., but no matter how deep-freeze this Winter gets, you can heat it up with tea! And if you’re the hardy type, you can even venture to do that steeping outdoors over the campfire, as shown here:

Heating water over a campfire.

Heating water over a campfire.

Iced tea is still dominant in the country, with people here opting for hot coffee and cocoa in the Winter. Both of these are great options, with coffee giving you a real jolt of caffeine and that cocoa satisfying your craving for chocolate as well as marshmallows or whipped cream. However, we encourage you to go for that cup of tea instead and get not only great warmth but great taste. Tea has theanine that will soothe you while the caffeine in it will stimulate you. And after a strenuous hour…or two…or three of shoveling, snowblowing, and even having a bit of fun with snowballs, you will need that invigorating and soothing quality that you only get from hot tea.

Brrrrrrrr! Forecast lows… hot tea is needed now!

Brrrrrrrr! Forecast lows… hot tea is needed now!

Pre-warm yourself for those outdoor chores and fun with a nice mug of hot Keemun black tea, a nice oolong, or a spiced chai – we stock them all just to be sure you have that warming cuppa when you need it most. Something stronger in flavor will keep you going. If you like milk and/or sugar in your tea, so much the better since both of these substances will lend some much-needed calories to that mug. Don’t forget a nice cookie, slice of cake, or other high-calorie item. When you’re out in the cold, you burn more trying to stay warm.

We also want to stress that you should be sure to dress warmly. Frostbitten fingers and toes are no joke. And it’s not as if you could grow new ones the way those starfish grow back an arm. Also, take breaks every 15-20 minutes or sooner, depending on the outside temperature and wind chill factor – come back inside your house/condo/building/etc, warm up all over, and then go back out to tackle the rest of that white stuff out there.

Stay safe and have plenty of hot tea!


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