5 Reasons I Go Gongfu at Tea Time

fuding-silver-needle-liquor001While Janice and I are true believers in everyone enjoying tea in their own way, here at home Janice and I like to get the most from our tea sessions with a gongfu style infusion session during tea time. The term “gongfu” literally means “making tea with skill.”  However, don’t let this unfamiliar tea terminology frighten you; it is just a way to maximize the taste of a tea selection, especially a premium tea. Actually, we do it for more reasons than that – about five to be exact. Click on pictures below for more detail. 

Preparing your tea in the gongfu style is not nearly as complicated as some think. We have several articles on this blog to help you do it simply and properly:

By all means, enjoy tea your way, but we do hope we’ve convinced you that a gongfu style tea time is great at least once in awhile.

About Janice and Stephen Shelton

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