Giving Thanks to the Tea Growers


Doke garden posted by them 20151113

Doke Tea Estate, Bihar, India

As a tea vendor and avid tea drinker, I like to join my wife, Janice, at this time of year to say thanks to all the hard-working tea growers out there. As much as we are working hard to earn your business, we work equally hard to make sure we deal fairly with these dedicated growers and offer you their best. All things in life are connected.



Doke Tea Estate, India

Tea growers face lots of challenges. They often don’t own the land on which they grow their tea. They get pressure from other countries to adopt certain policies that are more “feel good” than practical and that are often problematic. But they persevere. Tea is an important part of their lives, and many of these growers have been doing nothing else their whole lives, so they really know tea.


A garden like the one shown above can have a relatively low yield, in spite of the fact that it may encompass a fair number of hectares and despite the time and effort to keep the soil in great shape so that those tea bushes remain nice and green and productive like the ones pictured. Just as with any crops grown, the tea growers can’t control what price they’ll get once those tea leaves are harvested and processed. Meanwhile, vendors like us are trying to present the best teas to you at low prices and without the gimmicks that some other vendors may use. We don’t have tea “ambassadors” or cute puppets in our TV ads (in fact, we don’t spend money on high-priced things like TV ads). We just try to connect you with those growers through our online store.
Commitment-to-NaturalIt’s our way of saying “Thanks!” to the tea growers and small batch manufacturers.
Our way of saying “Thanks” to you is our Commitment to “Natural.” We have always operated under and are now making more public on our site with this image on the left:

It shows that we acknowledge that tea growers are as committed to bringing you the best as you are to drinking the best. They want their teas to be naturally good, both in terms of taste and healthful properties. Most don’t have the money for the expensive tests being pushed by folks in other countries. But we feel those tests
are not needed since we trust them to be as committed to natural as we are.

In summary, we are thankful every day for the dedicated tea growers and small batch manufacturers and for you, our customers, who make these premium teas possible.


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