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EGCG – Facts and Fiction

EGCG is found in high content in the dried leaves of green tea (7380 mg per 100 g), white tea (4245 mg per 100 g) and, in smaller quantities, black tea. During black tea production, the catechins are mostly converted to theaflavins and thearubigins via polyphenol oxidases (fancy phrase for browning due to oxidation). Continue reading

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Icing Some of Your Favorite Green and White Teas (an Infographic)

Every year, tea devotees anxiously await the newest white and green teas. When those teas arrive, they are usually infused hot. But lately the devotees are resorted to icing those teas – often with rather mixed results. As ones who … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Chinese vs. Japanese Teas

Tea has been cultivated in China for over 5,000 years (recent archaeological evidence suggests quite a bit longer) and in Japan only since around 1100 A.D. (a little over 900 years), yet Japan has become quite known for its teas … Continue reading

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