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5 Reasons for a Time-out with Tea

2011 Spring Imperial Anxi Mao Xie (Hairy Crab) Oolong tea Tea is said to soothe and calm yet invigorate and refresh. But how do you get this effect if you don’t take a time-out with tea? This is one of … Continue reading

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The Role of Mist in Tea Flavor

You’ve probably heard often about how terroir makes a difference in a tea’s flavor. One of the components of that terroir that gets mentioned so often that there are even teas named after it is mist. So, what’s the secret? … Continue reading

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The Complexity of Taiwan Oolong Cultivars

Update: A couple of readers pointed out that I had listed some cultivars twice, so I have corrected that and want to thank them for bringing it to my attention. Oolongs are some of the most complex and pleasurable teas … Continue reading

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