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Oolong Teas – an Infographic

An infographic is a great visual for conveying complex information quickly so we thought we would provide one about the very complex world of oolongs. We simplified things quite a bit but check out the oolong tea infographic below for more details. … Continue reading

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EGCG – Facts and Fiction

EGCG is found in high content in the dried leaves of green tea (7380 mg per 100 g), white tea (4245 mg per 100 g) and, in smaller quantities, black tea. During black tea production, the catechins are mostly converted to theaflavins and thearubigins via polyphenol oxidases (fancy phrase for browning due to oxidation). Continue reading

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Purple Tea – Is it real?

A buzz has been going around the tea industry for a number of years now, claiming that Kenyan tea farmers have a new cultivar with something unique: purple leaves. All sorts of statements have been made about this new cultivar, so we looked into it a bit. As is often the case with tea, our […]

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