Caution Statement About Tea Health Claims

Any information presented on this site about tea having various health properties is intended as a general reference only and is not a replacement for professional health advice from a physician licensed by the American Medical Association.

For the most part, we are merely reporting what others have claimed. Since these claims are not always due to actual studies, we do not present them as hard and fast statements. Also, most studies involving tea do not take all factors affecting health into account, especially with regard to such effects as weight loss which can be due to a number of other influences such as increased activity and a change in diet once a person has begun drinking tea, and other studies show only very nominal benefits. Some claims, such as for cancer prevention, fall into that latter category, and people are actually cautioned against drinking tea if they have been diagnosed or suspect they have cancer.

We encourage you to drink tea first and foremost as an enjoyable beverage. Any desire to achieve a particular health benefit should be discussed with your licensed physician first.