Oolong Teas – an Infographic

teaplantAn infographic is a great visual for conveying complex information quickly so we thought we would provide one about the very complex world of oolongs. We simplified things quite a bit but check out the oolong tea infographic below for more details. We offer our profuse thanks to all the oolong experts out there who help folks like us learn and spread the word to you.

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EGCG – Facts and Fiction

Zhu Ye QingWe have all been reading all the health promotions used in the sale of various tea varieties and products. We were wondering: “where is the dividing line between what is real and what is fantasy?” Therefore, we decided to do some investigation into one of the most touted antioxidants discussed in the advertising of tea or tea products, EGCG. Based on our research, we found we did not know nearly as much about antioxidants and the current research in this arena as we thought. The bottom line is that the potential EGCG health benefits are providing a fascinating area of investigation in the scientific research community. Read on! Continue reading

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Doke Silver Needle White Tea

Silver Needle White Tea from India

Your first reaction may be: “I don’t think so! I love my Silver Needle white tea but would
 only get Chinese white tea from Fuijan or Yunnan province, China.” Well, after a sampling session, I was in for a surprise! doke-silver-needleWhile I once felt the same about only getting white tea from China, this Doke Silver Needle white tea is completely handcrafted and is superb! It is not only on par but exceeds the quality of much of the white tea that can be sourced from China. And, we should know since JAS-eTea.com has sourced Chinese Silver Needle for a dozen years! While I fully intend to continue having the Chinese white tea selection available, Doke Silver Needle white tea will definitely be a part of the inventory this year! Look for this Organic Silver Needle tea soon.
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