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Doke Silver Needle White Tea

Doke Silver Needle is a tea hand-crafted from tea buds harvested at first flush (or the first plucking season of the year). This tea derives its name from the fine silvery, thread-like protrusions from the bud that are whitish in color.

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Spotlight Tea: 2011 Spring Imperial Fuding Silver Needle White Tea

One of the finest versions of Silver Needle (Baihao Yinzhen), a very special white tea, comes from Fuding, China (a county-level city in northeastern Ningde prefecture level city, on Fujian’s border with Zhejiang province. The city is highly populated (over … Continue reading

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Silver Needle Expands Beyond Fujian Province

Silver Needle is one of the ten classic teas of China and as such is treasured and in high demand among tea connoisseurs. Many think the only true Silver Needle comes from the Fujian Province in China. In fact, one … Continue reading

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